High Resolution Front & Rear Dash Cam System
High Resolution Front & Rear Dash Cam System
High Resolution Front & Rear Dash Cam System
High Resolution Front & Rear Dash Cam System
High Resolution Front & Rear Dash Cam System
High Resolution Front & Rear Dash Cam System
High Resolution Front & Rear Dash Cam System

High Resolution Front & Rear Dash Cam System

High Resolution Front & Rear Dash Cam System

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We all know Aussie roads and highways can be dangerous. There’s a lot of weird drivers out there and you need to cover yourself. This Dash Cam system has your back (and your front).

With a wide 170° front camera and a 130° rear camera, it's like having eyes both in front and behind your car at the same time! The Novatek 96650 chipset and Sony IMX323 lens sensor ensure you get high-quality videos that are admissible as evidence in court if you need it.

You'll love the full HD video quality, with the front dashboard camera recording at 1920 / 1080 / 30 fps and the rear camera at 720 / 480. The IPS screen provides a wide range of viewing angles, so you can clearly see the road whether you're looking at the screen from the front or from the side.

Worried about turning it on and off? Don't be! When your car engine starts, the camera automatically powers on and starts recording. When you park and turn off the engine, it saves the files and powers off. Plus, it can standby after parking and if it detects any movement, it'll turn on and capture a 30-second video automatically.

Safety first! The advanced G-Sensor automatically locks and saves the current video when a collision is detected, so you'll have a reliable independent witness in case of any disputes. And don't worry about running out of storage space, the loop recording feature will automatically overwrite old files with new ones, except for the locked files. That way you don’t need to worry about whether you’ve captured the important vision, if and when something happens.

There's also a nifty feature - both cameras can display and record continuously! Simply connect the red wire from the rear camera to the reversing light lamp, and when you put your car in reverse, the rear camera's image will automatically switch to the full screen on the front camera, complete with reversing lines to help guide you, so it becomes a reversing camera that also records.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this amazing dash cam system and stay safe and secure on the roads! Happy driving!

Product Features:

Smooth & Durable Metal Design: The sleek aluminium casing looks great along with your car’s interior and will last for years.

Waterproof rear lens: While both front and rear cameras will automatically capture all the action simultaneously, the rear camera is an all-weather design so it can stand up to the elements.

Wide angle lens & high resolution: 170 ° wide angle front lens and 130 ° rear lens ensures that as much activity and information as possible is captured on video. You can adjust recording video resolutions between, 1080 p / 720 p / and WVGA so you can balance between clarity vs recording time per card.

Motion Detection & G-sensor: The system will automatically record if anything comes into viewing range while the car is unattended. The G-sensor or “G-shock” measures the movement of your car through 3 axis. If your car is involved in a collision, the system is automatically triggered to capture and save all information immediately. This information can help paint the picture of events in the case of an incident.

Parking Protection: This useful function offers protection while you're away from your car. Not only from collisions with other drivers who may bump into your vehicle and leave the scene, but also to discourage people who may be looking to break into or steal your car.

Loop Recording: The system will record until its memory card is full, and then begin to record new videos over the oldest files. This means that uneventful video clips don't clog up memory space which allows the camera to continue recording for significant periods of time without the need to clear old files from the card.

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Front Dash Camera
  • 1 x Rear Cam
  • 1 x Windscreen mounting bracket
  • 1 x Power cable

Extra Tips:

  • Micro SD card is NOT included but they’re available from almost anywhere. Please insert the card and format it before setting the system to record.
  • The built-in battery is very small for safety reasons, so it’s not designed to work alone for long periods. For best results, please keep it connected to your car’s power supply all the time.
  • Video recorded by the front camera is labelled with an "A" in the memory card, and the rear camera video ends with a "B" so you know which vision is relevant when you review it later.
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